Coming Soon

Sprue Store

Currently in development we have an addition to our modular range in the form of a sprue store.  The aim of this unit is to make the sprues easily and readily available during kit construction without having to go rummaging around the kit box.  The unit will feature moveable dividers so that they can be adjusted to suit the parts on the sprues.

Travel Cases - A3 & A4 NOW AVAILABLE

At shows we often get comments that people like our products but don't have a permanent hobby space.  For those that don't have the luxury of a permanent space or perhaps want a portable storage solution we have been working on a couple of travel cases.  Both units are designed to take our existing drawers so if you already use our modular system you can easily transfer your paints, tools etc from your workbench to the travel case.  The smaller unit is designed around an A4 cutting mat and the larger around an A3 mat.

It is hoped to release these towards the end of November.

Ammo by Mig Shaders

The dropper bottle drawers have already been altered to additionally store the Humbrol Acrylic dropper bottles and the Ammo by Mig Shaders.  The latter are significantly smaller than the standard dropper bottles.  We will be introducing variations on the dropper bottle paint rack and tiered unit to store the range of shaders.  As there are only twenty shaders in the range these new units will combine storage of the shaders with that for standard dropper bottles.

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