Coming Soon

Wing Jig

We're currently working on a new jig to align the wings when assembling them to the fuselage.  There will be parts to hold the fuselage vertically and then align the horizontal stabilisers and separately the main plane  The photos show the first development version being used in the construction of a 1:72 Hawker Hector.  If you have any ideas or suggestions please let us know at

More Drawers

We've currently got drawers for the following paints and products approaching the production stage

  • Zero paints - separate drawers for 30ml and 60ml bottles along with a drawer that will take a mix
  • 35ml+ bottles. i.e. those commonly used for storing pigments
  • Mig Productions/Abteilung pigment bottles - the strange 'D' shaped bottles of pigments (not the big ones)
  • Railmatch / New Humbrol acrylic
There will be more units coming over the next few months including the first designed primarily for the craft market, so watch this space.

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