Coming Soon

Tool Stand - Now Available

We're currently working on a tool stand, or a tool version of the desk tidy.  It can be used on its own or as part of our modular storage system.  The photos show the final development version.

There will be three small drawers (only one shown above ) running the full depth of the unit and the three bins at the rear will be configurable.  Parts will be supplied for upto three brush bins, three bins for the likes of files and two of the plier stands.  So you will be able to mix and match as you require.

This should be available by Monday 19th March.

Rolling Stock Maintenance Stand

A means of safely and securely holding rolling stock whilst you undertake maintenance or construction on it.  We intend to produce these in 4mm (OO,EM,P4 etc) and also 2mm (N).  7mm versions may then follow.  See also our Painting and Weathering Stand

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