A handy collection of jigs for enabling the accurate assembly of turnout crossing vees.  Contains jigs for vees from 1:4 through to 1:9 in half steps.

Designed initially for 4mm scale use, the jigs are actually not scale related.  Made from 1.5mm thick material.

Originally designed by Ralph Robertson as described on Scaleforum

The following photo shows the jig being used for the assembly of a 1:8 crossing.

Requires assembly with PVA Wood glue as follows

1. Separate the crossing vee inserts from the main jig.

2. Place the backing sheet on a flat surface

3. Put a small dab of glue on the back of the main jig at the end of each zig-zag.  Note that this needs to be small and positioned so that it won't squeeze out into any of the vees.

4. Place the jig onto the backing sheet making sure that the top and bottom align and also that each zig-zag aligns with the relevant side.

5. Make sure no glue is squeezing out into the vees.

6. Gently push the vee inserts into their relevant slots.

7. Once the glue has had chance to dry then remove the inserts and the jig is ready to be used.

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Crossing Vee Jig

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