A transport box designed to transport your precious models without them resting on the fragile under carriage.  This box is designed primarily for the Airfix 1:24 scale single engined fighters up to and including the Hellcat.  It possibly won't hold the Stuka but please contact us if you'd like a box for one of those.

The box has adjustable clamps that hold the aeroplane between the front of the main wings and the rear of the elevators.  The main wing clamps can be positioned in a number of locations along the wing span so that awkward protutions can be avoided.  We recommend clamping as close to the fuselage as possible as this is where the main weight is.  The clamps are covered in neoprene rubber provided so as to protect the paintwork of the model.

Dimensions 520 x 530 x 230 mm (w x d x h)

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Transport Box 1:24 Fighters

  • £50.00